The California Department of Education (2013) states that 53% of California K-12 girls are Latina. They also report that 80% of Latinas graduated from high school in 2012/13.  And there are more Latinas enrolled in college than Latinos. Lets keep that momentum going!


Latinas quite often end their education after obtaining an A.A. or A.S degree but we need to continue onward.  The industry often requires a minimum of an associates degree and prefers a bachelors degree.

An interesting fact that needs updating but it needs to be mentioned.  Census 2000  stated Latinos dominate the Los Angeles apparel workforce and two-thirds of these workers are women. The same source states that Latinos comprised only 18 percent of top management in Los Angeles apparel manufacturing. Latina Fashionista promotes advancement of Latinas in the industry and through emphasis of higher education, it will insure a well prepared workforce.

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