As we continue forward with our interest in fashion, we begin to gather pieces of inspiration that make up our fashion DNA.   My second inspiration came from punk, specifically the Los Angeles punk scene.   During my teenage years and into my early 20s, my designs focused on punk.  At that time, there were only a couple of stores that sold punk clothing so that meant I had to design and sew my own.  When I went to NYC last May to see the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition, I realized how much I miss the authenticity of the punk movement and how it has such a great influence on fashion today.

How did you get started in fashion?

First sewing machine

There is that memory that we have about how we got started…interested…inspired to be in fashion.  My earliest memory is my grandmother teaching my sister, my two cousins and me how to sew using her industrial sewing machine.  She taught us how to choose fabrics, trims, and patterns.  Shortly after I made my own doll clothing, Halloween costumes and pajamas, my aunt surprised me with my own sewing machine.