It is chic to be Latina!  We are the prime decision makers for purchasers in our households.  And we love looking and feeling good and it shows.  Latinas purchase more beauty, skin, hair products and children’s clothing than other females


Latina Fashionista programs consist of workshops, industry site visits, and mentoring. The workshops and presentations are held at public middle schools, high schools and public libraries located in predominantly Latino communities. The industry site visits include apparel manufacturers, Los Angeles


The California Department of Education (2013) states that 53% of California K-12 girls are Latina. They also report that 80% of Latinas graduated from high school in 2012/13.  And there are more Latinas enrolled in college than Latinos. Lets keep that

Industry Insights…

The fashion industry changes so quickly!  Here are some of our favorite fashion industry websites which keep us up-to-date.  We read the latest news about designers, retailers, textiles, markets, trade shows, people, places, and anything else that affects this exciting industry.

Our fashion friends and supporters…

Thank you to our friends who invited us to their events in 2016.  We love meeting new fashionistas who are intelligent, passionate about the apparel industry and are planning their fashion future.  We look forward to relaunching a new fashion filled

Latina Fashionista in LA…

We are happy to give a presentation about colleges with fashion programs, fashion careers, and resources used in the industry at your school, public library or conference.  Contact us and we will schedule it in our calendar!

Where can I study fashion?

Colleges & Universities

What are some fashion careers?


Do you need to go to college for four years to be a designer or work in the fashion industry?

Employers usually hire individuals who have a two or four-year fashion degree. However, a four-year degree can provide more career opportunities and higher pay. My degrees opened doors that I could not imagine!

One Stitch at a Time…

"Thank you again for all this info and I find what you do to be really great. You're giving young women a chance to get closer to their dreams."

High School Student

“You've changed my life, literally....Latina Fashionista has helped me so much, I dream of being successful in the fashion industry, not just there but there is so much I want to do in life.”

High School Student

"Thank you for all your hard work and all the wonderful information you share with us..."


One of my favorite seasons...graduation time!

Congratulations to all graduates!

Happy summer!